Professional Service and Installation

Our company is well known for the comprehensive service we provide and our quality of knowledge and workmanship. We have contracts in place with several resources companies and telecommunications infrastructure companies.

Radio Communications 

Sales, Service and Installation of the following Radio Communication Systems:

Advance Communications employs trade qualified technical staff in radio communications for repair, maintenance and installation. 

Wireless Communications

Sales, Design and Installation of major wireless AP’s, PtP and PtMP systems:

  • Ubiquiti
  • Ligowave

Satellite Broadband

Sales and Installation of VSAT and L-Band Satellite Systems ranging from iDirect Broadband to Mobile Broadband and GPS tracking.

Satellite Telephones 

Sales, Service and Installation of the following Satellite Phones: 
• Optus Mobilesat 
• Pivotel Thuraya, Iridium and Inmarsat 

Telephone Systems  

Advance Communications is a dealer for NEC Telephone Systems providing sales, installation and maintenance. This also includes telephone and data cabling with licensed installers. 

Satellite Television

Sales, Service and Installation of VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television)

• VAST Satellite Receiving System 

• MATV Satellite Head end and Distribution Systems 

Public Address Systems  

Advance Communications has access to a wide range of the best brands in sound reinforcement equipment for all types of public address requirements. We are a dealer for Hills Sound Vision and Lighting.