Satellite Communications

Advance Communications has a variety of Satellite Communications available ranging from Small Broadband Terminals for travelling through to high throughput VSAT services. Advance Communications also offers a range of Satellite Telephones for all needs.

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VSAT services range from iDirect DVB-S2 Star with shared services through to complex high throughput secured SCPC and smaller BGAN terminals.

SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) permits a dedicated two-way point-to-point VSAT transmission of voice, data and video.  iDirect is a communication technology that allows efficient shared two-way satellite IP transmission.
For an offshore requirement, the cost difference between using asymmetrical SCPC VSAT design and iDirect based solution is minimal, unless the iDirect solution compromises on the actual bandwidth CIR (Committed Information Rates). 
For offshore moveable rigs where reliability and quality of service are paramount, EMC recommends SCPC VSAT technology before iDirect based solutions.  SCPC solutions provide a higher performance level, better scalability, better security and improved control and remote manageability.
iDirect is a cost effective alternative for remote sites that have smaller scale communications requirement where there is a large number of sites able to share available bandwidth.  Advance Communications provides a number of land rigs with iDirect VSAT technology today.  

Bandwidth Utilization
SCPC – No overhead

– Multiple choices in coding technology.
– Overall 25% – 70% better utilization of bandwidth depending on coding rates chosen.


– 20% – 25% overhead on return channel.
– Limited coding available.
– Ability to over-subscribe bandwidth, several sites can utilize same bandwidth through NOT at the same time.


– Low bandwidth rates

– Includes voice connections on terminal