Engineering Excellence

Uniden’s management policy has always been to look ahead to the future.

Based on extensive research and development in Japan and the USA and production in Asia, Uniden has been able to offer it’s products all over the world.

The company’s engineering excellence remains a cornerstone of the company’s success. “Engineering is our driving force” and has enabled the company to grow amidst rapidly changing markets with the most advanced technology available.

Uniden continues to look to the future. It will be the Information Society and Uniden will be leading the way in the development and marketing of wireless multimedia technology.

Quality Assurance

Uniden is committed to producing high quality products with all of our manufacturing facilities with a strict internal quality control system to ensure customers are receiving the best quality products in the market.

Uniden Product Offerings as follows:
Mobile Radios:

UH5000, UH5040, UH5045, UH5050, UH5060, UH8060S, UH8080S, UH9000, UH9060

Handheld Radios:

UH076, UH510, UH750, UH810S, UH820S, UH850S, UH950S