UHF/VHF Radio Systems


In Australia UHF Two Way Radio spectrum is used for land mobile radio systems in commercial, industrial, public safety, and military environments. Also personal radio services use frequencies allocated in the UHF band, although exact frequencies in use differ significantly between countries, in Australia the UHF civilian band operates between 476 -477 MHz.


VHF equipment operates between the frequencies of 30 MHz and 300 MHz. FM radio and television broadcasts operate in this range.


Both UHF and VHF radios are subject to line of sight issues, but VHF much more so. VHF waves do penetrate trees and hills etc, but not as well as UHF does. That said, if a VHF wave and a UHF wave are transmitted over an area without obstructions, then the VHF wave would travel around twice as far.

Since the VHF frequency waves are bigger, then the antenna must be bigger. This is why VHF 2 way radios usually have whip antennas, whereas as handheld UHF radios have shorter, often ‘stubby’, antennas.

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