Advance Communications Product Range

Advance have a large range of product offerings for home users and commercial use. All products are tested and put through there passes to ensure quality and guarantee. With professional staff covering almost all aspects of communications from home to car through to businesses. Advance Communications can assist with your communications needs.

Product Range

UHF/VHF Radios:

We have a vast range from standard 2 Way handhelds to high level repeater stations.

Satellite Communications:

From offering personal location devices, Satellite telephones and Satellite Broadband, Advance Communications can offer all means of communications where Mobile Communications is not available.

Wireless Systems:

Advance Communications has vast experience in designing and installing simple to complex Wireless Communications, whether it be for simple home use or multiple buildings interconnecting to each other.

Phone Systems:

Offerings range from small PBX to large WAN PBX systems. Advance Communications specialise in the Supply and Installation of a Vast range of NEC Phone Systems.

3G/4G Mobile Phone Repeaters:

The Cel-Fi system is very different to a standard repeater, as it was designed to provide maximum coverage, be network friendly and can be easily installed by the end user.

Satellite Television:

Advance Communications can supply and install all VAST free to air Satellite TV services.

Feral Animal Deter-ant:

Advance Communications has a in house design FAD (Dingo Beeper) supplying Farmers and Wild Dog Barrier Fence with a compact and robust system.

Contact us today for an obligation free quote and our friendly staff will get you communicating again.