Feral Animal Deter-Ant

Better known as the Dingo Beeper, the FAD has been used by Wild Dog Barrier Fence Dept. and Farmers around Queensland with great success. Advance Communications has its own in house design with high quality in mind.

Recently Advance Communications have decided to look into the possibility of providing a cost effective enclosure to be used with the current Dingo Beeper that is being used by the Wild Dog Barrier Fence Dept, and property owners as an additional aid for the control of feral animals.

Due to a recent change to the motion sensor Advance Communications have had the opportunity to revise the specification of the current Dingo Beeper offering, allowing us to change the Battery and Solar specification which enables us to get everything into a compact “all in one” enclosure.

With a focus on affordability, this has seen Advance Communications design the enclosure around duplicating parts and making sure the enclosure can be supplied as a “Flat Pack” to help save on transport costs. Mounting of the enclosure is via 2 x typical exhaust clamps that have been sized to suit a 2″ nominal galvanized water pipe, which every property owner would likely have laying about, and lets the cabinet be easily pointed or adjusted to suit each install.

Assembly of the new enclosure has also been a consideration using fasteners and a construction style that should see a new enclosure all fitted out with equipment ready to go in under 15mins comfortably.

Included is a method to be able to tilt the sensor up or down to be able to cater for difficult installations such as beside roadways that have a very high crown built into them, or mounted up high on poles for security concerns.

Enclosures will be supplied in a satin finish off-white Powder Coat. Enclosure is designed around using 10Watt Solar Panel and 20Ahr Gel Battery.

Included In Beeper Pack:
  • Beeper
  • 10W Solar Panel
  • Solar Regulator
  • 20AHr Battery
  • Enclosure with fittings